Welcome to Vexed Comics Artist Alley Spotlight!

is a very unique and fun artist. His work soaks itself in creativity and bleeds with emotion. Consisting of a modern over the top style, mixed with cutting edge dark and playful undertones.

Also known as “oOge Allnita” is artistic genius at its best. His style is a tender blend of smoothness with a hint of roughness, to give it superior balance and shape. Charles transitions are seamless and airtight. Making his work to die for. He is also a talented Writer and Creator of the story titled “New Kryo”. You can follow him on Instagram to get a glimpse also read his latest Sci-Fi Trilogy.

is “The Legend!!” David’s ability to draw and express the true authentic characteristics of a person or identity of a character is what makes his style so refreshing to see. This piece of art is a portrait of the famous Bahamian-born American mixed martial artist, boxer and actor Kimbo Slice. David does a beautiful job displaying his wonderful works of art here.

is well uh…She’s just Fabulous!!!!! 🙂 Dee is a very flexible multi-talented Graphic Artist, Web Design Programmer with SUPER Fantastic Production skills. She has a special way of combining components of any project together, transforming it and delivering strikingly impressive results.

is a rare talent who possess so much feeling and realism in his pieces. You literally can see everything jumping off the canvas directly into your face. The uniqueness about Jason is his ability to capture accurate precise poses with fight scenes and his art skills are largely diverse.

is a versatile artist. Not only does his mechanic style adds punch and sophistication to any project but you can also find him gracing people with his other works of art. His wonderful singing voice. He’s also a very gifted musician.