Vexed Comics was created in 2005 by Power Couple CEOs Mr. Charles Dixon and Mrs. De Éttra Dixon who are based out of North Arlington, New Jersey USA.  However long before then Charles began creating a whole universe full of very unique comic book characters in 1990.  We are a small Independent Publisher currently specializing in all things Comic Books. Our first title “Internal Fury” Issue #1 was published in 2003, since then we have written, created, designed, produced and published over eight books plus acquired distribution for both print and digital.

Our books are being sold in many comic book stores in the United States and overseas Internationally Worldwide.  We’ve sold out at book stores, appeared in newspapers and made various television appearances.  Our company works intensely to provide great material for our readers to enjoy and be stimulated by.

Do we embody Internal Fury? Yes we do! For success in everything we set out to accomplish. As we continue an awesome journey collaborating with many beautiful talents in the world such as SEV NETWORK to produce great work and share it with all of you, we hope to spark and inspire positive energy that represents a lifestyle of truth, honor, freedom, values, vision and victory for everyone. #InternalFury Show your support. (BUY STUFF)